The AACSB Standard: A Symbol of Excellence

The Hebrew University Business School is proud of having been accepted to the AACSB since 2020

AACSB is an international organization that recognizes and accredits business schools worldwide.


The AACSB recognizes 900 schools worldwide; Hebrew University and Tel Aviv University are the only Israeli institutions that are AACSB accredited. In being accepted into the organization, the Hebrew University Business School has joined a prestigious list that includes Harvard, Yale, Stanford, and MIT (for the full list of AACSB-accredited business programs, click here).

In order to be recognized, an institution must meet the AACSB’s high standards, which relate to diverse components that cultivate an institution’s nature and function, such as vision, management strategy, degree of innovation, support for students and faculty, research contribution, and social impact through research.

The AACSB also aims to foster community involvement and accelerate business innovation, while striving to create a positive social impact by academic institutions worldwide.

Prof. Nicole Adler is a member of the Board of the AACSB

Innovation Committee

The AACSB’s Innovation Committee acts to empower and promote educational institutions in the field of business, and helps these institutions achieve new goals that have a positive effect on the economy and society. The committee accomplishes this through research on innovative methods and effective initiatives, helping to develop ideas, and providing explanations and guidance on the challenges and opportunities facing businesspeople, entrepreneurs, or educational institutions.

Prof. Zvi Wiener represents Hebrew University Business School on the AACSB Innovation Committee.

“Innovation that inspires” competition

Our curriculum was named among the 25 most innovative in the world during 2020 as part of a competition of the AACSB known as “Innovations that Inspire”. In addition our BIODESIGN program, which is unique to JSBA, won the AACSB Excellence Award in 2020. BIODESIGN [LINK] is an interdisciplinary program that combines researchers and students from the fields of medicine, engineering, computer science, and business administration. The program is offered in collaboration with the Asper Center for Entrepreneurship, School of Medicine, and Faculty of Engineering, and is intended for a limited number of outstanding graduate students in Business Administration.

BIODESIGN’s goal is to train the next generation of leading biomedicine entrepreneurs, and to develop practical solutions, both in terms of science and in terms of economic feasibility, for urgent clinical problems. During its eight years of existence, the 140 BIODESIGN graduates have established 28 medical ventures and start-ups, and raised over $ 8 million in research and investment grants.