The Maayan Student-run VC Fund

The Maayan Student-run VC Fund

The Maayan student-run VC fund will invest in exciting early-stage impact startups that strengthen the University’s ecosystem.

The Maayan fund will be the venture capital impact investment platform of the Hebrew University community.

Maayan will focus on investing in start-ups that aim to produce a measurable impact, that operate in Jerusalem and/or were established by HUJI alumni. Funding will be raised from investors who seek an opportunity to invest in unique start-ups and to build a unique ecosystem at the Hebrew University. Maayan will provide students an extraordinary opportunity for hands-on experience in the rapidly growing impact investment sector. It will also leverage and strengthen relationships between students, entrepreneurs, and investors in the HUJI community.

The first of its kind fund in Israel, Maayan will be managed by students from the Hebrew University Business School and will contribute to the school’s ecosystem of entrepreneurship and innovation.

For the students

A unique hands-on experience in impact VC Investing

For HUJI and its Business School

A groundbreaking platform for teaching that will create an effective ecosystem with social impact

For the HUJI Community

Strengthening the alumni community, increasing capital supply for entrepreneurs, as well as providing a unique investment opportunities

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