Why Study With Us

Hebrew University Business School: 7 reasons to enroll

1International Standards

The Hebrew University is a leading institution of higher learning, and is consistently ranked among the world’s top 200 universities according to the QS World Rankings. As of 2020, Hebrew University was ranked 162 out of 1,100 universities worldwide. Accordingly, our standard of learning is at an international level, on par with leading universities. The Hebrew university is the leading academic institute in Israel according to the Shanghai rankings and is ranked 90th in the world.

2Professors from Israel and Abroad

The Business School’s professors are leading researchers, who also teach in universities abroad. Under their instructorship, you are taught the same curriculum as students in the leading global universities.

3An international experience

The Hebrew University works in cooperation with a diverse range of leading universities worldwide. Within the framework of partnerships with these universities, you have the opportunity to study abroad for a semester or summer, and to be exposed to world-renowned professors leading in their fields, and to forge connections with students from other countries. Our study abroad program gives you the opportunity to study in a prestigious institution, while paying Israeli tuitionfees.

In addition to international exchange programs, our students also compete in international competitions.

4Advantages: Your resume and in the job market

The job market is far more dynamic than it was in the past, and in addition to professional skills, it also requires creative and entrepreneurial thinking. The School of Business Administration curricula have been specially designed to address these changing needs: Many of our faculty members also serve in senior positions in the corporate world, and thus understand the market first hand.

Additionally, our curriculum emphasize case studies, enabling you to become familiar with and analyze real-world business events and dilemmas.

5High demand for our graduates

Business School alumni are in demand across the business sector, and serve in key roles in leading high-tech companies and other industries.

6Networking and our alumni community

Come join our alumni community, which leads Israel’s economic and business policy.

7A shortened commute

The Tel Aviv < > Jerusalem light rail trains run frequently, shortening your commute. The train ride is only 28 minutes!