About Us

The School of Business Administration at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem was the first Business School established in Israel, and has since played a key role in shaping the Israeli landscape of business leadership and management. The school’s Alumni currently serve in a variety of senior positions in both the public and private sectors. (Link to Alumni page)

The mission of the Business School is to advance the fields of Business Management and develop the next generation of Business Leadership in Israel. They are committed to producing pioneering research and creating a learning environment based on innovation and entrepreneurship.

One of the main goals of the Business School is to provide students with the analytical tools that will enable them to successfully integrate into all of the different areas of the professional workforce, and advance the world of academic research. The Business School, which emphasizes the development of critical thinking and the broadening of intellectual horizons, is especially suitable for motivated students, looking for intellectual stimulation and an enriching learning experience. 

Our Programs

The Business School offers under-graduate programs that are complementary to a diverse set of disciplines. A student may pair Business Management with virtually any other major offered at Hebrew University, ranging from Economics, Statistics, and Accounting, to Asian Studies, Art Studies, Political Studies and more. Our MBA programs can offer students a wide range of learning options, including the new MBA express track to Ph.D. – an MBA program for those interested in doctoral studies and desire the tools to develop their start-up. (LINK TO PROGRAMS)

Professionals in the business world are now required to successfully navigate rapidly changing environments that are met with high levels of uncertainty. To overcome these challenges, students must develop global, innovative, and creative outlooks when faced with obstacles. They must be able to analyze complex problems in real time, while implementing their decisions under conditions of uncertainty and complexity. The school is prepared to rise towards these challenges, and arduously train students to be leaders in Israel. 


The Business School maintains close relationships with leading academic and business institutions around the world, thus granting students access to participate in exchange programs, international conferences in Israel and abroad, and the modern business world

Parallel with a fervent commitment to education, the school places great emphasis on quality research. The academic faculty members are prominent researchers in their respective fields; their research is published globally in leading scientific journals, and their opinions have an impact on both economic policy and public discourse in Israel. 

The Mount Scopus campus of the Hebrew University neighbors the Old City of Jerusalem, and is a short distance from the Governmental District and the High-Tech hub of Mount Hotzvim.  In Israel’s capital, where the past and present converge, there is a fascinating fusion between different cultures. Jerusalem offers an enriching learning environment and extraordinary experiences, while preparing for a meaningful and challenging career.