BA Business

A Bachelor’s in Business Administration from the Hebrew University: The students of today, the leaders of tomorrow

Undergraduate studies in Business Administration will benefit anyone who aspires to climb the managerial hierarchy in any organization, whether in the public or private sector, high-tech, or non-profit. There is a demand for our graduates, with many entering key positions in leading companies.


6 reasons to enroll in our undergraduate program in Business Administration

1International Standards

The Hebrew University is a leading institution of higher learning in Israel, and is consistently ranked in the top 200 universities in the world according to the Shanghai and QS World Rankings. As of 2021, Hebrew University is ranked 90 by the Shanghai ranking, and 162 by the QS World Ranking out of 1,100 universities. Accordingly, our standard of learning is on a par with top universities worldwide.

2Professors from Israel and Abroad

The Hebrew University Business School’s faculty are leading researchers who also teach in universities abroad. Under our professors, you are taught the exact curriculum as students in the leading global universities. 

3Our student exchange program: An international experience

The Hebrew University cooperates with a diverse range of leading universities throughout the world. Under our partnerships with these universities, you have the opportunity to study abroad for a semester or summer, and to be exposed to renowned professors leading their fields, and to forge connections with students from many countries. Study abroad gives you the opportunity to attend a prestigious institution while paying Israeli tuition. Additionally, the Hebrew University Business School grants scholarships of $2,000 to assist with living expenses while abroad.

4Our accelerated study track for outstanding students

The Hebrew University Business School offers a special curriculum for outstanding students, enabling a direct track to an MBA starting from the third year of undergraduate studies, enabling students to complete a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in four years.

5Integration with a wide range of study programs

An undergraduate degree in business administration combines with studies from other departments in a dual-major format.

6Gaining essential skills for the job market

The job market is more dynamic than ever, and in addition to “hard” skills, creative and entrepreneurial thinking are required. Our undergraduate program in Business Administration is specifically designed to address these needs: Many of our faculty hold senior positions in their fields and understand the industry as insiders.