BA Accounting

Accounting: A degree that complements everything

Anyone interested in working in key positions in the world of business and wants to understand how successful businesses and companies function, must learn and understand the accounting language and the rules of taxes and accounting.

Every managerial position involves ongoing struggles with complex financial challenges. The advanced and technical skills that are learned over the course of an undergraduate degree in Accounting are relevant for every job, and grant a clear edge in the job market.

What will you learn in your accounting degree?

Financial accounting, auditing, taxes, practical research in accounting, product pricing, law, business, and macro- and micro-economics.


8 Reasons to study Accounting at the Hebrew University

1Our alumni work in a wide range of senior executive positions

Our alumni hold positions in the Big Four leading accounting companies (EY, KPMG, PWC, DELOITTE), the Ministry of Finance, the Israel Securities Authority, and the Israel Tax Authority. Meet our alumni in key positions.

2The professors in the program are senior executives, with proven real-world experience in the business world and academia, both in Israel and abroad

In addition to their expertise in the field of accounting, the professors in the accounting program also have a strong connection with the students.

3Innovative technology in the field

Following our collaboration with the Israel Accountancy Council, we revamped our undergraduate degree. A significant emphasis is now placed on learning innovative technologies, so that students will be able to perform high-level data analysis. These analytical skills are key in the professional landscape of audit work, and provide additional benefits and services to clients.

In the accounting undergraduate program, students obtain tools for financial management, risk management, analytical skills, understanding and writing financial reports, budget management, and many other crucial tasks performed by managers and finance managers.

4Big demand for Hebrew University Accounting alumni

Increasingly, employers in various industries are becoming aware of the advantages of hiring employees with knowledge and understanding of finance and accounting. Companies know that hiring employees with skills and a background in finance, economics, and accounting contribute to moving the company forward and successfully meeting its business goals.


The Student Union organizes recruitment days, where representatives of various firms come to the university to meet prospective employees. Many of our graduates land internships with the Big 4 leading accounting firms in Israel.

6The Hebrew University is a leading Israeli university according to the QS world ranking

We’re ranked 162 (out of 1,100) of all universities in the world.

7Generous financial aid

In addition to the university’s financial aid, the accounting program offers scholarships to outstanding accounting students.

8Our Excellence Program

A student who successfully finishes an undergraduate degree in accounting can to our MBA program. Outstanding accounting students can begin their courses for the MBA in their third year of their BA, and finish their MBA in four years from the start of their academic career.