Multi-disciplinary seminar: The Role of Openness to Change versus Conservation Values in Shaping Behavior in Work Settings

Room 3208
Tue, 26/04/202213:00
Dr. Sharon Arieli


In our fast-paced business world, innovation and flexibility are considered critical virtues, essential to long-term economic growth for firms and entrepreneurs. In an effort to enhance these virtues in workplaces, this research project takes a value-based perspective. More specifically, I focus on the value dimension of openness to change versus conservation, contrasting between the motivation for autonomy of thought and action, and the motivation to preserve the status-quo. I start by discussing the impact of this value dimension on autonomy, compliance and creativity at work. I then present some evidence regarding the preferences of work candidates towards organizations that emphasize shared values of openness versus conservation. Finally, I will present a new intervention aiming to strengthen openness values at work, aiming to improve creativity and innovation of employees.