An MBA is a professional step up in your career. More and more, professionals from a range of disciplines are choosing to go back to school and to add a degree in business to their education. The Hebrew University Business School is the place to broaden horizons and to develop new ways of thinking. An MBA can be suitable for holders of Bachelor’s degrees from many fields who seek to expand their education and gain business management tools, academics at heart who seek to continue on a research path, and executives who seek to return to the workplace with renewed strengths.

Our MBA curriculum is designed to serve the needs of the Israeli and global market, and to provide the necessary tools for success in business.

The past decades have seen rapid technological advancements, which have greatly impacted business. Banking, real estate, and investments and securities are quickly advancing toward complete digitalization. So that they won’t be left behind, we are committed to providing our students with the tools that will enable them to remain on par with all relevant developments.

Our MBA curriculum is designed with the goal of enabling students to specialize and gain in-depth knowledge in key areas of business administration, based in a firm belief in the necessary tools for success in a technology-oriented business world.

We emphasize professionalism and excellence. Our faculty members are on the cutting edge of global research and industry, and our program accordingly provides a quality learning experience and exposure to the latest business practices.

MBA Specializations

Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics

The endless amounts of information and data produced daily online and in various organizations makes it possible to streamline the decision-making process of each executive. Today it is possible to process information using sophisticated equipment and optimization methods, and apply advanced analytical methods in problem solving in business.

The specialization is for graduates with degrees in exact sciences, computer science, economics, statistics and business administration. In addition, the specialization in Big Data Analytics is suitable for those who are, or wish to be, at the center of decision-making processes in organizations or who want to advance to key leadership positions.

BioMed MBA - Biomedical Management

Biomedical management

From respirators to medications without prescriptions, the Biomedical industry is one of the most important and profitable industries in the market.

The Corona virus has brought the field of life sciences to the center of our lives, but BioMed is already a billion-dollar industry and is critical for global growth and stability. The impressive success of the biomed industry, both in Israel and around the world, is due to the combination of highly educated professionals from academia and industry. These professionals share an entrepreneurial culture, innovative spirit, and diverse technological knowledge. Without excellent management the industry would never have grown into the mega force it is today.

The graduate program in Business Administration for Biomedical Management is designed to train these life science professionals to navigate the unique and challenging world of the BioMed industry. This BioMed MBA program is the only of its kind in Israel—where business meets biomedical management. The program will grant alumni with promotion opportunities, and give them a clear relative advantage in the professional sphere.

BioMed MBA - entrepreneurship for medical students

BioMed MBA—entrepreneurship

This is the first program in Israel to combine management, entrepreneurship, and medical innovation. This BioMed specialization is geared to exceptional medical and dental students. Through cooperation between the Medical School and Business School, this innovative track specifically tailored for outstanding medical students was built.

The program was built to connect medical professionals with the biomedical industry. The mission of this specialization is to meet an unanswered need within the biomedical industry for professionals from the medical world who understand the industrial world, speak the language, and promote medical entrepreneurship.

Data Science

data science

We all know that feeling: You do an online search, and over a million results appear in your browser. What the heck are you supposed to do with all this data? And how can they be used wisely?

With the internet becoming the main source of information in the business world and beyond, acquiring the right tools to use it enables future managers to develop a sensitivity to more informed and responsible decisions. Data analysis is the ABCs of every decision made in the business sector.

This specialization is intended for those interested in data science from all disciplines, from the social or natural sciences, as well as for those in managerial positions who want to expand their knowledge about the intelligent use of data.



The 21st century has arrived to the banking and finance industry. Fintech is the place where technological developments meet classic financial institutions. In the fintech industry, the future is already here: global payment systems have never been as accessible, efficient, and innovative as it is today. And yet, the sky is the limit. The FinTech industry is now at the forefront of technology, and is accordingly receiving attention from investors and entrepreneurs alike. This is the first FinTech MBA in the Israel, with a comprehensive and in-depth approach to the field of FinTech.

The FinTech specialization will prepare graduates to integrate in both startup and in existing companies in the field of FinTech. This degree opens the doors for alumni, where there is a real need for skilled and innovative professionals who understand the world of FinTech.

Organizational Behavior and Human Resources

התנהלות ארגונית ומנהל משאבי אנוש

The Organizational Behavior and Human Resources specialization provides a research perspective on a wide range of issues related to work, organizations, and employees by placing emphasis on theory, practice, and personal development. The specialization draws on theories from psychology, sociology and anthropology in order to understand phenomena such as leadership, culture exchanges, group cooperation and conflict, decision making processes, relationships between organizations and environments, and organization politics.

One goal of the specialization is to connect theories and research with workplace reality. Recognizing professional development processes allows us to better understand the personal experiences and goals of individuals, and in turn improves self-awareness, critical perception, and perspective.

Operations Research and Operations Management

חקר ביצועים וניהול התפעול

Operations Research and Operations Management consultants make it possible, in an analytical and probabilistic way, to deal with various issues and provide a holistic understanding of problems. Companies that adopt the recommendations of the performance research and operational research consultants can save hundreds to millions of shekels a year.

In the Operations Research and Operations Management specialization, we focus on improving processes, analyzing systems, and creating quantitative models that help organizations streamline operations and increase profitability. If you like models and numbers, this is the specialization is for you.

Data Science for Business

Everyone knows this feeling, when you try to look something up and there are more than a million results in front of you. What can you do with all of this data? And how can you use the data in a smart way?

With the internet now serving as the main source for information, gaining the right tools can allow for future executives to make more informed and responsible decisions. Data analytics is the first steps for decision making in the business sector. This specialization is for students who are interested in data science from all academic disciplines in the social and natural sciences, and for executives who want to expand their knowledge about intelligent use of data.

Strategy and Entrepreneurship

אסטרטגיה ויזמות

Do you breathe innovation? Has the time come for you to turn your dream into a reality and open a business or to make your company more profitable?

Professor Amnon Shashua, faculty member of the Hebrew University and one of the leading entrepreneurs of Israel also began with an idea. However, if he never built a strategic plan and secured necessary resources for development, there would be no Mobile-Eye. Seizing the opportunities and developing new ideas are only the first step. Choosing exact strategic tools will increase your chance of building a successful company.

The specialization is for anyone who is interested in strategy, who wants to be promoted on the management ladder of companies and reach senior management positions, and who is ready to “jump into the water” with their next big idea. Whether you are self-employed, current executives, or will be executives in the future, this specialization will open the door to leadership in the business world.

Finance and Banking

מימון ובנקאות

This specialization is important for everyone who wishes to be involved with the financial aspects of management and for anyone interested in the stock market and financial organizations. Between the stock market and corporate management, the field of financing is broad and dynamic, and integrates between the world of numbers and the human world.

This specialization will open the doors to the business world, because of the centrality and flexibility of finance. Specialization in finance and banking is a springboard for senior positions, including VP and CEO positions. Additionally, it opens opportunities in the modern business world, with positions including portfolio management, banking, insurance, corporate management, raising capital, high-tech investments, and public sector service.

Financial Management for Accountants

ניהול פיננסי לחשבונאים

This unique specialization for accountants prepares students to deal with the changing needs in the field, and helps them be promoted to senior positions in leading companies.



Marketing is the field in the management sciences that deals with customers. Who can be our clients? What do they want? Why are they leaving our services for another? How do we build products and brand recognition? How do we provide service? Basically, everything that is connected to customers is included in the definition of marketing.

The field of digital marketing is evolving and rapidly changing. To remain relevant and help companies achieve their goals with success, marketing practitioners must learn to adapt and acquire new tools and skills.

The marketing specialization will provide you with all of the skills and tools required to successfully navigate the customer environment, and is meant for people who are interested in advancing to senior management positions in the marketing worlds, and for experienced executives interested in adding a marketing vision to their toolbox.

Real Estate Finance

Real Estate Finance

Concrete and stones are the reason why real estate has become the most stable field in the world of economics. Thanks to this stability, real estate has become one of the most attractive investments the market has to offer. Whether it is a wedding gift from the parents, or an investment for passive income, holding assets provides us with something that other areas of investment often fail to provide—security.

The specialization in real estate financing is the only track in Israel that provides an MBA in real estate financing and training as a real estate appraiser. 

The Research Track

The research track (which requires a dissertation) is part of the second year of studies, and enables outstanding students to continue on an academic path in the specialization of their choosing.