Vision and Goals

The Alumni Organization of the Hebrew University Business School has more than 16,000 members, all of whom attended the school from its inception in 1962 until this current academic year.

Our Alumni Organization is a vibrant and active community, which gives our younger and older alumni alike a sense of belonging and pride. The organization recruits older alumni to support and help younger alumni at the beginning of their journey, assisting them at key junctures in their careers. For our senior alumni, the organization provides opportunities for mutual acquaintanceship, showcasing successes and accomplishments, and expanding business relationships.

The Alumni Organization operates out of a sense of social responsibility, and out of a view that university alumni have a continued responsibility to strengthen Israeli society and industry. The organization sponsors a wide range of diverse social projects in Jerusalem and throughout Israel, and its members are active in a variety of organizations, associations, and social and environmental projects.

Goals of the Alumni Organization:

  • To assist in developing connections within the Business School alumni community
  • To give a platform for interactions between senior and younger alumni
  • To continue enriching the knowledge and skills of our alumni through events, workshops, and conferences in the fields of research and interest of the Business School
  • To contribute meaningfully and continuously to the greater Hebrew University community, the Israeli business community, and to Israeli society