Dr. Yaniv Dover

Assistant Professor of Marketing


Yaniv Dover is a senior lecturer in Marketing at the Hebrew University Business School and is a member at The Federmann Center for the Study of Rationality.

Dr. Dover’s research focuses on social networks and dynamics, online communities, social media management and marketing, consumer-generated media, digital marketing, and diffusion of information and innovations. He uses mathematical and behavioral models to study social media.

Dr. Dover was a Post-Doctoral Associate at the Yale School of Management, after which he served as an Assistant Professor of Business Administration at Dartmouth College’s Tuck School of Business. His research has implications across disciplines and was published in American Economic Review, Marketing Science, Harvard Business Review, Physical Review B, Proceedings of the Royal Society A, PLoS ONE, Physica A, and other periodicals.

During his PhD, he won the three-year Center for Complexity Science scholarship for outstanding PhD students, the GIACS scholarship for interdisciplinary students, and the Hebrew UniversityBusiness School scholarship. The research based on his dissertation won an ISF grant. During his postdoc, he won the Yale Whitebox Grant for Behavioral Sciences and the Wharton (U. Penn.) Customer Analytics Initiative Fellowship. As a faculty member, he won the Abe Gray Prize for Research Excellence, and the Israeli Science Foundation (ISF) Individual Research Grant. His work has been cited in Forbes, NPR, Slate, NBC, Financial Times, Science Daily, US News & World Report, Calcalist, Kan News, Globes, and other outlets.

Dr. Dover earned his PhD at the Hebrew University, as well as his MSc and BSc in Theoretical Physics. He teaches the courses Fundamentals of Marketing Management, Customer Relationship Management Analytics, and Marketing Research Methods.